Reduce Your Risk Of Pain

Young Woman With Pain In Her Back Over White Background

Young Woman With Pain In Her Back Over White Background

You can reduce your risk of pain when you workout by taking action before you start. Some people don’t even try to workout, because they’re plagued by so much pain. That’s unhealthy, but so is working out while you’re already in pain. Pain is the body’s way of reporting a problem. It’s as though the nervous system was the factory manager taking the message to the boss…the brain… that something needs to be done or the plant will close. You can get professional help to correct the issue so you won’t be laid up for weeks after a workout.

Consider Active Release Techniques to relieve your pain.

ART can help you. No that’s not the name of a man, but a technique. If you overuse your muscles it can cause small injuries, such as minor tears, called micro-trauma. When the body heals, it often forms scar tissue in these areas. As the scar tissue grows, it can pinch a nerve, tense the tendons and shorten or weaken the muscles making movement difficult and painful. It can cause a number of problems from shoulder pain to carpal tunnel, too. You don’t have to live with pain. ART often can help reduce and eliminate the problem.

Get chiropractic help.

One of the biggest benefits of using a chiropractor is not just the pain relief, but finding the cause of the pain. Chiropractic techniques include identifying the source of pain and the amount of damage, then recommending a plan of action. The plan might include ART or other alternative technique that provides relief without medication. Chiropractors also work closely with personal trainers to create recovery plans.

Get a massage before or after your workout.

If you’re already in pain, massage therapy can help reduce it and get you ready for exercise. You can also prepare the body and stimulate circulation with a massage before you hit the gym. However, you also will benefit from a gentle massage after a brutal workout. Finding the best type of massage, whether it’s Swedish, deep tissue or sports is often done with the help of a chiropractor.

Enjoy the benefits of a spa and the relaxation they can offer.

You don’t have to be in pain to avoid pain. If you’ve been injured working out in the past, consult a chiropractor to find ways to prevent it. Always tell your personal trainer about previous injuries as it might be due to muscle imbalances and helped with the right workout program.

A program of regular exercise might be just the trick to prevent back pain. Often weaker core muscles can be the culprit when it comes to back pain.

Be safe rather than sorry. Don’t suffer in silence, but seek out help. There are alternatives to medication, so even if another health care professional told you to “suck it up and live with the pain” that doesn’t mean you have to or should. It also doesn’t mean living half a life on pain medication.

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