Rise And Shine – Start Your Day With A Workout

People who find it difficult to fit their workout in during the day find it’s easier if they do it in the morning before the day starts. They rise and really shine by revving their bodies and getting their system primed and ready for a day of work and enjoyment. Is early morning the best time to workout? There’s always been a debate about the best time to exercise, but for many people early morning is perfect.

Early morning has fewer interruptions.

If you have children, the best time to exercise is before they awaken. Kids require your attention, especially in the morning. Early morning workouts are complete before other distractions get in your way, like unexpected reports or urgent meetings. You don’t even have to have an emergency. Sometimes, you get engrossed in your work and forget all about exercising. Getting up early and exercising at the same time every morning becomes a habit, like brushing your teeth. It makes it easier to stick to a schedule.

Getting up early and working out can help you burn fat more efficiently.

Working out while fasting can burn more fat. When you sleep at night, you’re automatically fasting. One Japanese study found that people who worked out before eating breakfast did just that. A study from Belgium noted that a high-calorie diet caused weight gain in people who ate before exercising, but not in people who exercised first thing in the morning before eating. They got the benefit of being in a fasting state, but without the feeling of deprivation of an actual fast. Seek the advice of your healthcare professional if you have diabetes or hypoglycemia.

The increased circulation can jumpstart your body and brain.

You’ll increase circulation and boost endorphins, improving your cognitive abilities and mood. Exercise also increases your happy hormones, like endorphins. If you’ve been under stress, it can burn off the hormones of stress and get you back to normal. It not only makes you feel better physically but also reduces fuzzy brain syndrome that can occur first thing in the day if you don’t exercise

  • Friendship is important, but a busy life can reduce the time friends get together. Make your workout time a time for friends while saving money by signing up for small group personal training.
  • People who exercise early in the morning, 7 a.m. or earlier, were found to have a deeper sleep at night, according to a study in 2014. Exercising outside also improved the quality of sleep even further.
  • If the weather is hot, working out in the morning is even more important. Morning is the coolest time of the day and you can beat the heat when exercising early.
  • The best time to exercise is when you’ll do it consistently. If you’re not a morning person or family obligations interfere, find a time you can consistently carve out just for yourself and your fitness program.

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