Should You Try A Juice Cleanse?

There are a lot of different fads people in Irvine, CA, try for their health and to lose weight. A juice cleanse is one of those. People who swear by juice cleanses for health say it detoxes the body, removing harmful chemicals. It also gives your digestive system a rest. Others who are trying to lose weight consider a juice cleanse a good way to start a diet.

What is a juice cleanse?

Some juice cleanses are done for a day or two and then regular eating is resumed. However, they aren’t necessarily just performed that way, but may be ongoing, following a schedule of three days a week for several weeks. They involve drinking only water, fruit juice and vegetable juice on those days. The juice is fresh pressed, not canned or bottled, and made from organic fruits and vegetables.

Some proponents say that juice cleanses help clean organs and provide a reset.

One thing that the body does quite well is cleanse itself. The liver, kidneys and colon remove waste and toxins. While proponents of juice cleanses say it detoxes the body, the National Institute of Health—NIH—says there is little evidence that it’s true. While it would be nice to believe that juice cleanses do provide some benefits. The juices of fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients, so it can provide extra vitamins and minerals. Fruit and vegetable juice is also rich in enzymes that can aid digestion.

If you’re using a juice cleanse for weight loss, what you do when not cleansing is more important.

If you spend a few days doing a juice cleanse and expect to see miracles, you’ll be disappointed, especially once you start eating normally. Most of the time the weight you lost reappears when you start eating normally again, unless you focus on healthy eating. One study found that people who used a juice cleanse to start a healthy diet, found it easier to keep the weight off permanently. Other studies show that it might be beneficial for the micro biome in your gut. Scientists believe whether it was because of eliminating sugary junk food that disrupts a healthy balance.

  • Juicing isn’t the same as making a smoothie. Smoothies have fiber, which is also important for gut health by feeding beneficial bacteria. The fiber in smoothies also slows the absorption of natural sugar stabilizing blood sugar levels. The fiber provides a true cleanse in the colon.
  • Juice cleanses should be kept short and only last a few days. Prolonged juice cleansing increases the potential of damaging the kitchen. The low calorie, high fruit sugar spikes from the cleanse may also leave you feeling bad.
  • Creating smoothies, instead of juicing, is healthier. You get the whole fruit or vegetable, feel fuller, control blood sugar better and still get all the benefits juice cleanses provide.
  • Rather than doing a juice cleanse, consider intermittent fasting with healthy meal options. You fast for 16 hours and eat during an 8-hour window. Studies show it provides many benefits, including weight loss.

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