Spices That Help Cut Calories

There are a number of herbs and spices that help cut calories by boosting the flavor and nutritional value of a food, without boosting the calorie count. For a long time there have been herb mixtures on the market to replace table salt, which also add to the flavor without adding to the calorie count. You don’t have to buy a premixed selection, you can do the same thing with a few extra steps. Not only do some herbs add flavor to what otherwise was a plain Jane diet meal, some actually increase the calories you burn.

Spice up the food with hot peppers and get a boost to your weight loss program.

Add a little cayenne pepper to your food and you’ll feel the heat. That’s what happens when you sprinkle some on your food. It creates heat in your body and raises the body’s temperature. By doing that it also increases your metabolism. In fact, it’s been noted that adding it to a meal may even help you burn up as much as an extra 100 calories. It’s easy to do and can be quite delicious. Consider adding it to your favorite veggie dip or salad dressing. Soups taste more filling with a little kick, too.

Turmeric helps you burn more calories.

Turmeric is often used in Indian dishes and has some remarkable health benefits that come with it. It’s an anti-inflammatory spice that can boost heart health and help ease the pain of arthritis, while aiding acne when used externally as a paste. It’s been suggested it might even help slow Alzheimer’s disease. One study from Tufts University in 2009 showed that mice fed curcumin, the main compound in turmeric, actually lost more weight than their counterparts that had the same diet, sans the turmeric. It also helps prevent hormonal bloating.

Add a little cinnamon for delicious flavor.

I love the flavor of this delicious spice and use it in many things, from spicing up plain yogurt to adding flavor to meats. Cinnamon helps you balance your blood sugar and reduces cravings. When it’s added to a dish, it also keeps you feeling fuller longer. Since it helps regulate glucose metabolism, it lowers high blood sugar levels that can lead to fat storage, helping you to lose weight and preventing the creation of fat.

  • Cumin has many uses and is often found in Mexican, Indian and Middle Eastern food. It’s shown to help burn up to three times more body fat when just one teaspoon is added to one of your meals each day.
  • Ginger not only is good in aiding digestion and relieving stomach aches, it also helps control blood sugar, acting much like cinnamon does.
  • Not only can garlic keep vampires away—and some romantic partners at bay as well—it can also help you lose weight. One animal study showed mice with garlic added to their diet lost more weight in seven weeks than mice that didn’t have garlic added.
  • You’ve got a diet aid in every restaurant and home in the form of black pepper. Not only does it add extra nutrients, it also can prevent fat cells from forming.

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