Staying Motivated After Reaching A Goal

You hear a lot about ways to stay motivated until you reach your fitness goals, but few people talk about staying motivated after reaching a goal. It can be a real problem. People who go on intense diets to shed those last ten pounds often face it as they quickly eat their way back to their original weight or more. Getting back into shape and boost your endurance may end with the ability to climb two sets of stairs without huffing and puffing. How do you stick with this new lifestyle and maintain your fitness?

Change your goals

One of the easiest ways of sticking with a fitness is to change your goals. If you want to shed ten pounds, it doesn’t mean losing more is necessarily better. It may mean shifting your goal to a different area of fitness, such as endurance or strength. Switch to focusing on how many sets you can do, how heavy you can lift and how far you can run.

Add something to your fitness program.

Maybe you’ve just been dieting and it’s time to add exercise to your fitness program. If you’ve been dieting or just working out, maybe it’s time to focus on healthy eating. You can switch your focus to learning healthy recipes and experiment in the kitchen or switch out part of your workout for something that’s active and fun, such as rock climbing or biking.

Keep your body moving.

Find ways to keep moving and add them to your daily activities. Do you sit at a desk for long hours. Learn to take time every fifty minutes to move around. It can be something as simple as doing deep knee bends at your desk or walking around the room. Look for opportunities to increase your activity, like taking the stairs or parking further from the store, That doesn’t mean you should pass up that primo parking place if you see it, just don’t drive around the lot for hours trying to find it.

  • Remember every little bit helps. Whether you substitute an apple for a cookie or take the stairs instead of the elevator, you’re making your body healthier.
  • Start working on other areas of your life, bit by bit. If you smoke, wait longer between cigarettes. If you don’t get enough sleep, start going to bed earlier each night. Choose another area of fitness, such as drinking more water daily.
  • Enjoy life. Smiling and laughing are powerful medicine. People who socialize live longer. It doesn’t matter how long you live if you’re miserable, so make every minute count and enjoy. You’ll be healthier for it.
  • Get the help of experts, add variety to your fitness program frequently. If you do the same workout and eat the same thing every day, you’ll get bored quickly. Personal trainers can help you get faster results while making it more fun and interesting even if you reach your goal.

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