Summer Is Right Around The Corner. Are You Ready?

It’s getting warmer and that means beach weather is just around the corner. If you’re out of shape, you’ll miss out on a lot of the fun. It takes energy to keep up with all the summer activities and of course, you want a beach ready body, too. You can start today to get ready for summer by making a few changes and sticking with a fitness program and program of healthy eating. If you’re completely out of shape, you need to start slowly and work toward peak intensity. This is the perfect time of year to start eating healthy, since fresh fruits and vegetables are readily available.

A few months can make an incredible difference.

After just one week of exercise, you’ll start noticing mental changes. You’ll feel more confident about yourself. When you stick with working out for two weeks, you’ll notice improved stamina and more energy. After a month, if you’re eating healthy and working out, you’ll start noticing some changes in your body, like more muscle mass and less fat, and potentially a weight loss of 2-4 pounds, using 1-2 pounds a week as a healthy weight loss goal.

In just two months, you’ll lose up to 20-pounds or more.

It’s hard to say exactly how much you’ll lose or project exactly how your body will look, since everyone is different, but it definitely will look better and you’ll feel more energetic. You’ll burn more calories 24/7, since you’ll have more muscle tissue, which requires more calories to maintain than fat tissue does. Muscle tissue weighs more per cubic inch than fat does, so one pound of muscle takes less space. That means you’ll look thinner, even if you didn’t lose a pound and if you lost 20 pounds, it will look like you lost a lot more.

As you get fitter, start getting more active.

You’ll have the energy to do more active things, plus workout at the gym. That means you’ll make even more progress. Keep the extra activities fun and don’t focus on strength building two days in a row. Your personal trainer can help you with your workout program in the gym and maybe offer suggestions of activities that are both fun and geared toward fitness, like swimming. The more active you are, the more energy you’ll build.

  • Even if you aren’t trying to lose weight, healthy eating should be a key priority. You need a well-balanced diet to build muscle tissue and to boost your energy level.
  • Working out can help improve your body’s appearance even if you don’t have to lose weight. It can tone your derriere, tone arms, flatten your tummy, build more attractive legs and help hide cellulite.
  • Have fun with the kids. You’ll have more energy, so playing in the park, taking them on hikes and riding bikes or hula hooping with the family can be part of your exercise program, plus get the kids more active.
  • Don’t forget to include flexibility training. Not only does it help prevent injury, it also makes you more graceful and agile. It can shave years off your silhouette as you gracefully walk on the beach.

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