The Best And Worst Low-Carb Foods

Whether you’re talking about carbs, protein, or fat, there are good options and bad ones. Some of the best and most nutritious foods can be low carb, but so can some of the worst foods. People across the nation, even in Irvine, CA, are searching for ways to improve their health, while cutting carbs and boosting nutrition. Many have turned to low carb diets but forget that just eating fewer carbs isn’t enough. You need improved nutrition to be your best.

What’s a carb?

Most people understand that a carb is a micronutrient, but that’s about it. They’re the fuel for the body that is the basis for glucose that’s used as immediate energy or stored for later in the form of fat. There are three primary types of carbohydrates, sugar, starch, and fiber. Simple sugars are easy for the body to digest and enter the bloodstream quickly, but complex ones take longer. Starches also take a while to break down and enter the bloodstream. Humans can’t digest fiber at all, but the microbes in the gut can digest some types, and while doing so, create important nutrients for the body.

Stick with healthier options, not highly processed low-carb foods.

A healthy keto diet should contain whole foods devoid of many chemicals and unhealthy fat options. While saturated fat can be a healthy option, too much in your diet can negatively affect your health. Prepackaged foods identified as keto snacks or meals, are often high in saturated fat. Diet sodas are low carb, but it doesn’t mean they’re healthy. Studies show that people consuming more diet soft drinks have a larger waist circumference. That means they have more visceral fat, the unhealthiest type.

There are many healthy low-carb whole foods.

Choose above-ground fruits and vegetables like celery, cucumbers, and peppers for snacks. You can even make a dip from sour cream or cream cheese. These options provide fiber–a carb not digested by the body but necessary for good health, and a host of other nutrients. Nuts are another healthy snack. When choosing protein, opt for products from animals that are organic, free-range, and pastured. Stick with whole foods, especially those with plenty of fiber.

  • Avoid highly refined products even if they say low-carb or keto-friendly on the package. Often the sugar is replaced with sugar alcohol and contains ingredients that cause inflammation.
  • Processed meat, low-carb pasta, or processed flour-based foods often are filled with chemicals, as are low-carb pre-made meals. Switch out pasta for eggplant lasagna, spaghetti squash, or zucchini noodles.
  • Nothing is more delicious than a steak topped with mushrooms sauteed in butter. It’s also a healthy low-carb option. Serve with asparagus or broccoli, a leafy green salad, and berries in whipped cream.
  • When choosing nuts as a snack, remember to choose ones lower in carbs. Brazil nuts, pecans, and macadamia nuts are far lower in carbs than cashews or pistachios.

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