The Risks Of “Dry Scooping”

Are you a chronic viewer of TikTok videos? If you are, you’re probably familiar with many of the different challenges. Some are really funny and a blast to try, while others can be quite dangerous. One of the more dangerous challenges is dry scooping. What is dry scooping? It’s taking a scoop of powdered pre-workout mix that is supposed to be added to water or other liquid and trying to swallow it. There are several reasons this seemingly benign activity can be dangerous.

Let’s start with the obvious, choking.

When you add powder to liquid, if you add enough liquid, it mixes into the liquid to make a new liquid. If you don’t add enough liquid, it creates thick sludge or chunks. Those can block your airway. If you accidently inhale the powder, it can go into your lungs and create inflammation and infection. If it blocks your airway, you either do a self-heimlich maneuver, spewing powder everywhere, which again you can accidently inhale, or face suffocation.

The ingredients in protein supplements were never meant to be ingested that way.

Most pre-workout supplements contain caffeine and the concentration is less when mixed with water. However, taking it straight can be the equivalent of consuming all the caffeine in three cups of coffee at once. That can create heart related symptoms, like rapid heartbeat or palpitations. While it just might cause your heart rate to increase for a while, for some, it can be extremely dangerous, especially if you already have a cardiac problem, even one that you aren’t aware of having.

Take pity on your teeth.

Believe it or not, dry scooping too frequently can have a substantial effect on your teeth. Many supplements to take pre-workout are flavored with citric acid that also makes them dissolve easier. While it does add a tangy flavor, when not mixed with fluid and allowing your saliva to dissolve it, it sets on your teeth. As the name implies, citric acid is an acid and can remove some enamel permanently. Unless you’re brushing your teeth immediately afterward, it can weaken your teeth. Do you really think you’ll do that at the gym before you workout?

  • Many of the ingredients besides caffeine in pre-workout supplements can create reactions in the body when not diluted, like BCAAs, creatine, beta-alanine and niacin. The reaction can vary by degree and include rashes, shakiness, shortness of breath, and even stroke or heart attack.
  • Not all pre-workout supplements are pure. Some are contaminated and dry scooping them only makes it worse. Since the contents aren’t regulated, they may have more of a specific ingredient, which can cause even more problems.
  • While pre-workout supplements may be more convenient than bringing a pre-workout snack to the gym and dry scooping may add to that convenience, you’re better off using real food where you have more control over the content.
  • If you’re really serious about getting fit, avoid all the childish trends. While some are innocuous, others can be dangerous, but all get in the way of focusing on a great workout and healthy body.

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