The “Sweat” Life

Maybe you love your job that involves hours of research on the computer, but you need even more. You need to sweat! Sweating can occur if you have a fever that’s breaking, with the sweat flushing out bacteria as it cools the body. It can happen when you’re simply too warm. However, the best type of sweat occurs when you workout. Clients at Next Level Fitness in Irvine, CA understand that and love the benefits they receive from breaking a sweat in the gym. It’s actually not about sweating, but upping the intensity, which makes you sweat that provides the benefits.

Stand up more often and work out regularly.

It’s all about keeping your body moving. If you sit longer than an hour, many of your benefits of working out will diminish and if you don’t work out, it dramatically affects your health. A sedentary lifestyle increases your risk for stroke and heart disease. Just watching TV or videos four hours a day or longer can increase your potential for cardiovascular disease and death by 80%. The more active you are, the more potential you have to lower your blood pressure, increase circulation, improve your cholesterol levels, prevent osteoporosis and maintain a healthy weight.

Exercise can improve your thinking and mood.

Exercise promotes circulation and that can mean more oxygen and nutrient laden blood going to the brain, plus more waste being removed. Studies show it helps improve cognitive abilities and is useful for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. It’s also a great mood lifter and can help relieve both anxiety and depression. If you’ve ever been really angry, you know how much better you feel walking, running or exercising off the anger. It’s good for your mental health, relieving stress and boosting happy hormones.

You’ll live longer and more independently when you workout.

As you age, your body loses muscle mass. It’s starts slowly around the age of 30, earlier for some, later for others. If you workout, it slows the loss of muscle tissue. By the time people reach their 50s or 60s, muscle loss accelerates. Unless you exercise to slow or reverse the trend, it can affect your balance and interfere with your ability to live independently. Loss of muscle tissue can lead to loss of bone density.

  • You’ll fall asleep faster when you workout regularly. Sleep is profoundly important for heart health, but also for weight management. When you get too little sleep, your body produces fewer satiety hormone and more hunger hormones.
  • You’ll have better posture when you workout regularly. Improved posture makes you look confident and can help prevent back problems and other painful posture related conditions.
  • If you’re trying to give up bad habits, substitute a workout. Quitting smoking is one example where you can substitute some type of exercise for a cigarette. Studies show exercise helps conquer drug addiction, too.
  • Not only will you improve your health, you’ll improve your productivity. Exercise boosts your energy level. It also improves your self-confidence, improving your potential to try new things.

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