Unique Health Benefits Of Honey

In Irvine, CA, there are many boutiques and health stores where you can purchase both raw and processed honey. Don’t be fooled by the grocery store honey that is often watered down and degraded with fructose additives, making it nothing but honey sugar syrup with none of the health benefits of honey. There is medical-grade honey, food-grade, raw honey, organic honey and pasteurized honey. To get the benefits, avoid the pasteurized or processed honey. The heating and treating kills the good bacteria and eliminates many of the health benefits. Buy from local beekeepers if possible.

Clear honey looks better, but is it better for you?

The more processed honey is, the clearer it is. Raw honey is one of the best choices. It often contains far more pollen and beneficial enzymes. Even though the pollen in honey makes it look hazier, it also provides extra benefits. Raw honey contains antioxidants, enzymes, minerals and has many health benefits. If you’ve ever taken a teaspoon of honey mixed with lemon juice for a cough, you’ll understand how helpful and healing it can be. It’s even endorsed by many medical groups as a natural cough treatment.

Honey has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits.

The benefits of honey can also help rid the body of inflammation that can cause a number of health issues, which include heart disease, autoimmune disorders and cancer. There are different benefits based on the type of nectar used to make the honey. For instance, buckwheat honey is exceptionally high in antioxidants and probably the best choices for treatment of coughs and the sore scratchy throat. It’s also good to lower cholesterol levels and aid in healing wounds. Acacia honey, which actually comes from black locust trees sometimes called false acacia, is also effective in treating resistant bacteria and some forms of cancer.

You may have heard of manuka honey.

This type of honey is rare and comes from New Zealand. It’s made from the nectar of the tea tree bush. It has a more medicine style taste than regular honey, but it’s extremely good to help the body heal. Diabetic ulcers and burns are often treated with manuka honey, since it keeps the area moist, reduces inflammation, maintains the proper pH conditions for healing and is antibacterial. It also is good for oral health.

  • If you’ve ever seen wildflower honey, you know it’s light in color. It’s one of the best as a cough suppressant and helps fight seasonal allergies, just as sourwood honey does.
  • One of the sweetest and mildest types of honey is tupelo honey. It’s sweet and almost buttery with antioxidant and antibacterial benefits. Orange blossom honey supports the immune system.
  • Linden or basswood honey also is delicate in taste and flavor. It’s used to detox the body and for colds and bronchitis by naturopaths. Sage honey is good for digestion. Blueberry honey is used for chronic illness.
  • Beware of giving infants under 12 months raw honey. It can contain botulism bacteria. Also be aware that honey is quite high in calories and is pure sugar. Use it sparingly as you would any other type of sugar.

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