What Is Your Perfect Day

What is your perfect day? How would you describe a day that’s exactly what you want? Are you working and accomplishing everything on your list? Are you having fun with friends and family? Is your day an active one with plenty of exercise having fun? Do you see the perfect day starting with breakfast in bed, followed by a day of watching television or playing online games? What you picture as perfect tells you a lot about yourself and the type of exercise you’ll like the most.

If your perfect day is sedentary, consider yoga.

Yoga is a lot tougher than it looks, but it’s mentally quieting and calming. It’s also done on a mat on the floor. That doesn’t mean you won’t move around, you just won’t move very far. There’s no jogging involved, but there is a lot of stretching. A yoga workout can quiet your mind and eliminate stress, providing great relaxation and mental peace. If you want to watch your favorite programs, ask your trainer to create several workouts that are two or three minutes long and do them during commercials.

Do you like to get things accomplished?

You’ll love getting exercise from activities that do both. Rather than drive to the grocery, walk there—if it’s possible. Make a list of things to get done around the house. Raking leaves, gardening, painting the house and doing a thorough cleaning can burn up calories and take the place of one day’s exercise regimen. You’ll get a two-fer if you take the stairs rather than the elevator at work or ride your bike to work or to the store.

Take up a group sport or get the family involved in the great outdoors.

Whether you shoot hoops with friends or go on a hike or rock climb with the family, it’s all good activity that can count toward a day of exercise. Riding bikes to a quiet spot for a picnic is fun. It’s also active and burns loads of calories. Taking martial arts classes as a supplement to your workout program might also fit your mindset. Decide what you enjoy and choose it as an alternative to one day of exercise each week.

  • Too often people think they can only exercise in the gym. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you’re working hard, sweating and huffing and puffing, you’re probably getting a great workout.
  • Treat yourself to the type of exercise you love at least once a day. If you hate running and find it boring, look for another type of aerobic workout you do enjoy.
  • Chart your workouts and see how much you can accomplish. Keeping score is great for those who love a good challenge and makes any type of workout more fun.
  • For those days where it’s too hot or cold to workout outside, consider swimming a few laps in an indoor pool.

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