What To Know About Weight Loss Patches

Nobody is condemning you if you want a simple, quick way to lose weight. Isn’t that a dream of everyone that needs to shed a few pounds? The problem is, many manufacturers prey on that desire and come out with products that promise these miraculous results, but normally don’t deliver. The latest quick and easy weight loss products are weight loss patches. They are transdermal patches that contain ingredients that are supposed to help you lose weight. Just put the patch on the spots where you want fat to disappear and according to the advertisement, it just goes away. But do these products actually break down fat on your thighs, belly and butt?

The list of ingredients is impressive, but does it work?

There are two types of ingredients, stimulants and non-stimulants. Some ingredients have proven beneficial when taken orally, but there are no tests that show they are beneficial when used transdermally, through the skin. The stimulants patches may contain include those that contain caffeine, guarana, ephedra or green tea extract. The ones that contain no stimulants may include ingredients like Acai berry, flaxseed oil, bitter orange and yerba mate.

Do they work.

The biggest problem with most dietary supplements is lack of testing. There aren’t as rigorous standards for these diet aids as there are for prescription and OTC drugs. Most patches can claim they work because the ingredients used in the patches, when taken orally, may show some benefits. However, that doesn’t always translate to transdermal applications. The other proof of benefits are personal testimonies. While some are very glowing, manufacturers can also pay people to give recommendations, so you never really know if they’re true or not.

Are there dangers to weight loss patches.

Side effects and safety aren’t really known, since dietary supplements aren’t regulated by the FDA. Also, each type of patch contains different ingredients, so a sweeping statement about safety isn’t appropriate. Side effects will vary based on the ingredients. The purity of the ingredient and amount it contains will also determine the safety. If you’re taking prescription medications, some may interact poorly or interfere with it. People sensitive to stimulants or with high blood pressure should avoid patches containing stimulants.

  • There is limited study, but some proof that may confirm the benefit of some ingredients in the patches. For instance, some patches that contain green tea extract showed benefits for weight loss in obese mice. How that translates to humans is yet to be determined.
  • Some manufacturers suggest you combine the use of weight loss patches with a healthy diet and regular exercise for the best results. People who have done this have shown good results, but it can’t be determined whether the diet and exercise or patches made the difference.
  • If you’re on any medication or have any condition, don’t use any patches without the express approval of your health care professional.
  • The best way to take weight off and prevent it from returning is through a program of healthy eating and exercise. You’ll get many other health benefits from this type of program as well.

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