Who Inspires You

Everyone has somebody that inspires them. It might be a person who has accomplished a great deal in his or her life or someone that overcame great odds. Inspiration also comes from kind words of encouragement and belief in you. Sometimes mothers come to me and want to lose weight. Their reasons vary but often it’s so they can make their children proud of them and not ashamed at how heavy they’ve become. While it’s sad, it also is extremely motivating too.

Find the person who inspires you by their great deeds.

If you have a favorite character from history or know somebody that has overcome great odds, handicaps or suffering but relentless continued on toward their goal, you can use that person for inspiration when you workout. I have a friend whose sister died several times in the hospital and was revived, but because of neglect at a constant care facility,was told she’d never walk again. In fact, they never even exercised her muscles as she lay in bed for months recovering. She finally got to go home, but with someone stopping in daily. She spent every waking hour determined to walk and she reached her goal. Her gait is slow, but she’s mobile. My friend uses her story each time she feels like quitting and it keeps her going.

As a parent, you want to take care of your children and be there for important times.

Some parents want their children to be proud of them and not ashamed of their excess weight and that can be pretty motivating. However, parents also want to see their children and grandchildren grow up, too. If you’re extremely out of shape, the chances of that happening become less and that can become a powerful motivating force to help you change.

Get a supportive group around you.

Even though you may have friends and family for support, sometimes they simply don’t understand how hard sticking with a program of exercise and a healthy diet can be. That’s why working out with a group can help. Each person in the group, whether it’s an actual group like boot camp or just some people you formed friendships with when working out, can help inspire you when you need it the most.

As a personal trainer, I don’t like to say I inspire people, but I can help motivate them so they are inspired by their own success.

While you should always undertake a workout program for you, not for someone else, having a person that acts as your inspiration can help you become more successful.

When you consider people who have overcome great odds to achieve a goal, remember, they didn’t get there all at once but took small steps that gradually increased to larger steps and gains.

Always remember, you can achieve any goal with the right type of attitude and perseverance.

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