Your Goals Can Change Your Future

You often find the very thing that you focus on. If you see a bright red vehicle you love and want to buy because you think it’s unique, you’ll often start seeing that same bright red car everywhere. Setting a goal has a similar effect. Zeroing in on that goal can change your future. People in Irving, CA know that once you focus on the fitness destination, ways to achieve that goal will suddenly appear, even though they’ve been there all along.

To be effective, you must be specific.

If your goal is to be fitter, what does that mean? Does it mean you’ll have more endurance? What’s your goal? Is it to lose weight, lower blood glucose, or reduce blood pressure? If it’s weight loss, how much do you want to lose? Be specific about your goal, or you won’t know what route to take or if you reached it. Once a goal is defined, it’s easier to create ways to achieve that goal. Like the red car, you’ll see opportunities everywhere.

When you’re making your goal, make sure it’s realistic and achievable.

If you are a 35-year-old 5’5″ adult and your goal is to become 6’5″, your goal isn’t realistic or achievable. Setting a time frame helps achieve that goal. Without it you’ll never get started. It also must be realistic. If you can’t safely lose 80 pounds in a month. That would mean losing 20 pounds a week! If you were a 320-pound male and active, you’d need 3500 calories a day. To lose one pound, you need a 3500 calorie deficit. So if you ate nothing for a week, the most you could lose permanently is seven pounds. You need more time and a more realistic goal.

Break down your goal into smaller, more easily achieved goals.

Setting the goal to lose 2-pounds a week is more realistic. You have a shorter timeline to reach your mini goal, so you can achieve success quicker and more frequently. There’s nothing more motivating than success. You also need to identify ways to achieve your goal. For fitness goals, eating healthier and exercising are usually the first two things to include. Other aids include drinking more water and getting adequate sleep.

  • Once you set your goals, you’ll find new ways to achieve those goals or increase your potential for achieving them. It could mean taking the stairs instead of the elevator to build endurance.
  • Winners keep score. Track your workout and include the number of reps and sets. When your workout becomes easy, increase the challenge by increasing the number of sets and reps.
  • Celebrate wins. Everyone needs an “atta-boy.” It’s the positive confirmation you receive when you work hard and accomplish your goal. Set a reward that isn’t food-related.
  • If you aren’t sure how to set a fitness goal, our trainers will help you do it. They’ll create a program to help you reach them faster and change your life forever.

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