Get Swimsuit Ready

It’s the perfect time to get swimsuit ready for the summer and achieve the look that will make you happy to put on your favorite bikini or swimwear. While you may not reach your ultimate fitness goal, no matter what your present fitness level, you can look far better in just a few months, but it won’t be easy. In fact, it will take dedication and hard work, which will prove to be the best investment of time for both your appearance and good health.

Start with healthier eating habits.

Learn how to make smarter choices when it comes to food. Instead of making a sandwich with bread, cut out some of the extra carbs by creating a lettuce wrap. Skip that candy bar and indulge in some fresh fruit for your mid day snack. Get healthy protein and fat by eating lean meat, deep sixing the skin on fowl and enjoying salmon as an option. When you eat healthier, you also make smart choices in how the food is cooked and make sure you have plenty of veggies throughout the day.

Start a workout program.

Of course, I’m going to recommend you work with a trainer, but for some very important reasons. Trainers not only create a program designed specifically for your needs, they also help to motivate you to continue your workout. A trainer holds you accountable for your progress and is at the gym waiting, which adds incentive to going. Trainers also show you how to do each workout and watch to ensure you do it right. Most of all, a trainer has the knowledge to help you reach your goals quickly, so you’ll see the results faster and faster results always motivate. Trainers can also help you learn how to eat healthier, if you need help in that area, too.

Stick to the workout plan and expect it to get harder as you get fitter.

When you workout, you’re pushing your body to go to another level of fitness. Most people fail to adjust their workout based on that new level. That’s another reason working with a personal trainer can be so helpful. The trainer tracks your performance and identifies your improvement, then adjusts the workout t reflect that improvement. You’ll always work your hardest, but that’s when you see the changes faster. Some trainers offer group sessions where you get all the benefits of a trainer at a fraction of the price.

  • Drink plenty of water. Not only will you perspire more, drinking more water has health benefits and can help prevent bloating. Bloating is NOT what you want when you’re working hard to achieve the perfect bathing suit body.
  • Get adequate sleep. The right amount of sleep is important to a healthy body, but it also can boost weight loss and exercise results. If you’re tired, you’re more apt to crave high calorie, sugar filled treats and put less effort into your workout.
  • Get more active. What you do in the gym is important, but so is the rest of the day. If you work at a desk job, get away from the computer for a while and walk up and down the stairs, across the room or do some stretches in your cubicle or office.
  • Walk like a winner. One thing that exercising does is improve your posture, but you can help it along. Not only should you walk with your head held high, sit with your feet flat on the floor, back straight and shoulders back. Good posture helps you feel better, relieves back pain and makes you look thinner.

Apps To Help Stay Fit

While modern technology can’t make you slim and trim, there are apps to help stay fit. These apps vary from helping you track your exercise to counting all the calories you’ve consumed or identifying the healthiest choices when shopping for food. Some apps come with a “healthy” price tag, while others are free or at a nominal cost. You might find getting fit is not only easier with their help, it can also be a lot more fun.

Keep your HIIT workout going with this simple app.

Seconds is a handy timer for Tabata, HIIT and circuit training, but it’s also so much more than that. Not only does it come with templates for traditional interval programs, you can customize it to fit your needs. If you need to combine timers or loop them, that’s also possible. There’s no need to memorize your workout either. It not only displays the name of the next interval, it speaks it, too. You can even have it give you a heads up on the next exercise, to let you prepare for it.

Sworkit is just one of the many workout apps.

There are a number of different workout apps available that help you create a workout program those days on the go when going to the gym is impossible. While they have some great benefits, such as getting access to a workout program anywhere, custom built workouts and a lot of variety, they have some short comings too. You can’t adjust Sworkit based on your progress and there’s no way to tell if you have the proper form. I like apps like these as a supplement for my clients and help them create a workout program with the exercises they’ve conquered for days they can’t make it to the gym or days I don’t work with them. As their fitness level improves, we adjust the program, or programs, together.

Fooducate helps you learn how to eat healthier.

Just put it on your phone and get ready to shop. The Fooducate app does the work for you. Fooducate is free. While it won’t count calories, it does rate food from A+ to D- based on all type of things from sugar levels, trans fats and other things. It also provides better options to your choice. Just scan the barcode or look the food up by name to get a rating. You can also choose a food by food category, such as “Popular” or “Top Rated.” For instance, if you want a whole grain bread for healthy eating, they’re not all alike. One whole wheat bread may have a B- rating because of extra salt or additives, while a old-fashioned oatmeal bread or brown rice bread might get an A+ based on all the ingredients it contains and other health benefits.

  • If you want to get the maximum benefit from your workout, consider Charity Miles. It tracks your distance and corporate sponsors donate to charity based on your activity. If you’re biking, each mile gets 10 cents for the charity you chose. For walking and running, it’s 25 cents.
  • The Johnson & Johnson 7 minute workout can fill in the void on those super rushed days when you simply don’t have more time. Something is always better than nothing.
  • Getting your mind right and alleviating stress is part of the battle to a healthier you. Try the app, Stress and Anxiety Companion, to help you do it.
  • It’s easy to fail to see that you’re consuming far more calories than you need. MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter can help you do it. With a database of six million foods, all you have to do is fill in the food and serving size to see how many calories, fat grams, carbs and protein you ate. It lets you know how many calories you have left for the day.

What Is The Paleo Diet

Losing weight is challenging, so is eating healthy. There are a number of diet plans for healthy eating that vary from the food pyramid to the paleo diet. Eating what your ancestors ate is the basis for the paleo diet. By ancestors, it doesn’t mean grandma and grandpa, even if there are many greats in front of those two words. It goes back to early man in the paleolithic era that was 2.6 million to about 12,000 years ago. That was just before farming began. The foods in the diet don’t include grains, legumes or milk products, which were introduced later.

You can eat many different foods on the paleo diet, but will probably notice the ones you can’t eat more.

When grains are removed from the diet, it eliminates many of the favorites of American life. There’s no pizza, no yeast breads and no cookies or cakes. These are at the top of the list of American foods and often the ones most missed. They’re often the foods that cause you to pack on the pounds. When you eat paleo, you eat cleaner. There’s no processed oils or processed foods for that matter. Automatically, most people improve their eating patterns.

What you do eat on the paleo diet.

Enough of what you don’t eat, let’s look at what’s allowed. You can eat animal meat, with the diet encouraging “whole animal” approach. That includes bone marrow, organs and cartilage. Don’t worry, you don’t have to crunch that cartilage or suck out the bone marrow. Bone broth allows you to get all the nutrients without munching on the skeleton. Bone broth is made from stewing the bones in water with a bit of vinegar, onion, celery and carrot for a day or two. You then add the liquid to your meals or just drink the broth after all the nutrients are leached out of the bone. You can eat eggs or other animal products on the paleo diet, fruits and veggies, raw nuts and seeds and natural fats, like avocado or coconut oil.

Man didn’t invent fermented drink, but found it occurring naturally.

There’s a lot of debate as to whether early man went on a bender occasionally. If you’ve ever seen the YouTube video of elephants eating fermented fruit from under a tree or monkeys doing the same, you know they didn’t create it, but just happened upon it. Drunken elephants and monkeys aside, even though man probably imbibed occasionally in this era, unknowingly, it’s not allowed on the diet. In fact, many people find that when they give up their nightly wine or beer, the pounds seem to drop off.

  • Exercising is an important part of the diet if you want to lose weight. Early man spent most of his time moving around, hunting for food and avoiding danger. They walked everywhere and had no labor saving devices. It doesn’t mean you should sell your car, just get more exercise.
  • You can eat a modified form of the paleo diet by just eliminating processed foods.
  • Get back to your roots when you go paleo. Spend more time outdoors, enjoying the fresh air.
  • Don’t forget to drink adequate amounts of water and get a good night’s sleep. It not only helps you feel fuller and avoid sugary foods, it also helps you be healthier.

Healthy Eating When You’re Older

Healthy eating when you’re older can help stave off many of the illnesses that plague older people. It can help keep you feeling and looking better, too. Often it’s easier to grab snack food rather than make a healthy meal. Making food ahead and freezing it in portion sizes is one way to ensure you have something easy to make available. Cutting up veggies for snacks is another. The healthier you eat, the less you’ll have to worry about nutritional deficiencies and excess pounds.

There’s a high percentage of older individuals that suffer from Vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D comes from exposure to sunshine, but as you age, converting the ultraviolet rays that ultimately end up as natural vitamin D in our bodies, becomes more difficult and older people only convert about 30% of the amount they did when they were younger. Getting out in the sun is also more difficult for those over 70 in colder climates and even then, sunblocks are often used. Fat absorption and vitamin D is also less efficient, making it far harder to make up the shortage with food. A shortage of vitamin D can cause fragility fractures, muscle weakness and bone pain. You must be vigilant and consume a healthy diet to avoid this shortage. Even then supplementation may be necessary.

Eat well balanced meals.

Sometimes, especially if you’re living alone and new to the concept, it’s difficult to eat healthy. You don’t feel like making a meal and live on junk food or you have digestive, a tight budget, dental or other problems that prevent you from eating certain foods. Each day you should have protein such as eggs, meat or fish, 5 to 6 ounces of grain products, 1.5 to 2 cups of fruit, 2 to 2.5 cups of vegetables and 3 cups of dairy. Mix up the colors of the fruits and veggies to ensure you get all the necessary nutrients. The best meal contains a rainbow of colors with green, red, purple and white on your plate.

Eat whole foods rather than fast foods or packaged foods.

It is hard to cook for one or two, so cooking ahead may be the answer. Making large pots of soup and freezing them or creating main dishes and putting the leftovers in individual meal freezer bags is one good answer. Just add a side salad, a cooked vegetable and some fresh fruit and you’ll have a nutritious meal. Don’t forget to take the time to create healthy snacks and have them ready in the refrigerator for those between meal or late night snacks.

  • Don’t forget to add exercise to a healthy diet for the best results. Exercise can boost your energy, make you feel great and even help with digestion.
  • Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water. Tea and coffee count as part of your liquid intake. Dehydration is more prevalent as you age and you tend to get dehydrated faster. It can lead to dizziness confusion rapid heart rate, lethargy, muscle weakness and cramps.
  • If you’re overweight, you can lose weight by eating a healthy diet and exercise, while getting other benefits, too.
  • Get together with a friend, particularly if you both live alone. Each of you can create three meals for a week and share them with the other. It not only saves time, it saves money, too. For added enjoyment, eat the meals together.

A Teenager’s Nutritional Needs

If you want to create the perfect menu for a teenager’s nutritional needs, you should include both more calories if the teen is active and healthier more nutrient packed foods. It’s a time when teens are starting to break away from the nest and make their own food choices. If you are the parent, you have little control over what your teen eats when he or she is out of the house, so teaching the teen a healthy way of eating is the best option.

The perfect menu that’s basic enough to use with all foods.

Rather than creating an actual menu, create an outline of what a good menu should be. Serving size is also extremely important. It’s also important not to skip meals. The healthy diet should have at least three meals and two snacks a day. It should contain five servings of fruits and vegetables, three and a half servings of daiy—such as milk or cheese, teens need 40 to 60 grams of protein daily. One hard boiled egg is approximately 6 grams and a 95% lean 4-ounce ground beef burger, grilled chicken breast or ¾ of Atlantic salmon are about 33 grams. 1/3 to 1/4th of the diet calories should come from healthy fat, such as avocados, nuts or fish. Three to four servings of grains is also important.

It’s not just food that makes a difference.

What you drink is also important. Not only are carbonated drinks filled with sugar, they also are slightly acidic due to the carbonation and can damage teeth. That destroys the teeth’s enamel and cause dental problems that don’t go away. Sticking with plain water is a good option. Teenager’s need about 9 to 14 cups of water a day based on average activity. Water not only helps lubricate joints, it also helps regulate the temperature of the body and cushion internal organs. It helps the complexion, weight loss, hair and has many other health and beauty benefits for teens.

It’s not that hard to create a healthy menu.

If you’re a teen, start helping to plan your daily food. Learn how to make smart choices when you’re out with your friends at a fast food restaurant. Your body won’t fall apart if you eat just one unhealthy meal, but the more healthy your diet, the better you’ll look and feel. When you start eating healthy, you’ll never have to diet again. Parents can help to identify the food groups and portion sizes when your teen is first starting a healthy menu.

  • Regular exercise and an active lifestyle is also important for good health. Not only does exercise help you stay trim and slim, it also helps prevent or eliminate problems with acne by causing sweat that flushes the pores.
  • Having a healthy snack for mid morning and afternoon can be a simple as a bag of grapes or cut veggies with dip. Make extra for friends, since almost everyone will want to have a nibble or two.
  • It doesn’t have to be a big deal, since there’s lots of choices when you eat healthy. In fact, you don’t even have to tell friends, unless you want to share the great benefits.
  • No matter what your age, what you eat makes a huge difference in complexion, weight and overall health. It can boost energy and even help improve your mood.

What Would You Say To Your Younger Self

What would you say to your younger self if you could whisper in your own ear when you were in your teens, twenties or later? If you’re old enough to remember when Microsoft was first on the market before all the splits and price increase? Would you study for a different line of work or make other life choice changes? Would you change your diet and start eating healthier? You can’t turn back time, but that shouldn’t stop you from using your wisdom to move forward.

Unless you’re giving yourself stock tips or winning lottery numbers, you still can make those changes.

Aside from the potential to have insider information on the movement of stock or the actual numbers for the lottery, you can still make the changes you’d tell your younger self to change. If there’s an area in your life that makes you unhappy, there’s no better time than now to give yourself advice and take it. If you’re unhappy in your work, identify what you’d really like to do. While you might not be able to become a professional ball player if you’re past forty or don’t have the talent, there are many other jobs that would suit your interests and make you smile more. Maybe the problem isn’t the job, but the place you’re working. Identify what makes you happy and start a plan to make the changes to get there.

Are you lacking energy?

Do you get adequate sleep at night? If the answer is yes, you might consider a program of regular exercise. The body is amazing. The more you work it, the stronger it gets and the more energy you have. While you can’t go back in time, right now might be the perfect time to start a program of exercise. If you have health issues, check with your health care specialist first. For those who are severely out of shape, start slowly until you can workout for at least a half hour. One gentleman who had life threatening obesity could only walk for a few minutes when he started. Little by little he built the time to an hour. He shed pound, improved his health, but it wasn’t overnight. It took months. Have patience while you’re building your energy level.

Would you tell your younger self to eat healthier?

Start now! If you’re already eating healthy, congratulations! You can’t change the past, but you’re giving yourself a far healthier future. Eating healthy provides so many nutrients for the body and has boosts the immune system, while also preventing serious conditions, such as high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes.

  • If you’re facing a serious condition, such as high blood pressure, diabetes or osteoporosis, there’s a good chance that you can help control it with a program of healthy eating and exercise. Start today!
  • Would you tell yourself not to smoke? It’s hard to quit, but if you’d give your younger self that advice, it’s time to take it yourself.
  • If you’d tell yourself not to sweat the small stuff and mellow out, you probably know the dangers of stress. Learning how to control stress through meditation or other technique will help you live a longer life.
  • Would you tell yourself to create a healthy schedule that includes adequate sleep and regular mealtimes? Make sure you’re doing that now!

What Is Your Perfect Day

What is your perfect day? How would you describe a day that’s exactly what you want? Are you working and accomplishing everything on your list? Are you having fun with friends and family? Is your day an active one with plenty of exercise having fun? Do you see the perfect day starting with breakfast in bed, followed by a day of watching television or playing online games? What you picture as perfect tells you a lot about yourself and the type of exercise you’ll like the most.

If your perfect day is sedentary, consider yoga.

Yoga is a lot tougher than it looks, but it’s mentally quieting and calming. It’s also done on a mat on the floor. That doesn’t mean you won’t move around, you just won’t move very far. There’s no jogging involved, but there is a lot of stretching. A yoga workout can quiet your mind and eliminate stress, providing great relaxation and mental peace. If you want to watch your favorite programs, ask your trainer to create several workouts that are two or three minutes long and do them during commercials.

Do you like to get things accomplished?

You’ll love getting exercise from activities that do both. Rather than drive to the grocery, walk there—if it’s possible. Make a list of things to get done around the house. Raking leaves, gardening, painting the house and doing a thorough cleaning can burn up calories and take the place of one day’s exercise regimen. You’ll get a two-fer if you take the stairs rather than the elevator at work or ride your bike to work or to the store.

Take up a group sport or get the family involved in the great outdoors.

Whether you shoot hoops with friends or go on a hike or rock climb with the family, it’s all good activity that can count toward a day of exercise. Riding bikes to a quiet spot for a picnic is fun. It’s also active and burns loads of calories. Taking martial arts classes as a supplement to your workout program might also fit your mindset. Decide what you enjoy and choose it as an alternative to one day of exercise each week.

  • Too often people think they can only exercise in the gym. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you’re working hard, sweating and huffing and puffing, you’re probably getting a great workout.
  • Treat yourself to the type of exercise you love at least once a day. If you hate running and find it boring, look for another type of aerobic workout you do enjoy.
  • Chart your workouts and see how much you can accomplish. Keeping score is great for those who love a good challenge and makes any type of workout more fun.
  • For those days where it’s too hot or cold to workout outside, consider swimming a few laps in an indoor pool.

Burning Stubborn Stomach Fat

Abdominal fat is one of the most dangerous types of fat. It crowds the organs and is associated with stress hormones that play havoc with your body. It also makes clothing uncomfortable and no matter how expensive the outfit, look far less attractive. Burning stubborn stomach fat is hard and it requires you lose weight all over your body, since there’s no way to shed pounds in just one area. You can do some things to ensure that the weight you lose will also come off of your abdominal area and help you flatten your tummy while you shrink your waist and hips. Exercising is one of those ways, but there are other tips that also aid in the elimination of tummy fat. There are other strategies that also help eliminate the pooch and get you looking and feeling great.

Eat plenty of fiber.

Eating plenty of fiber will help keep your elimination system moving and prevent the bloat that adds to the appearance of abdominal fat. It also helps elimination of abdominal fat, according to a study in 2011. The people in the study simply increase their intake of fiber by 10 grams every day. That small change made a difference, but it took a while. After five years the visceral fat—belly fat—showed a reduction of 3.7 percent. While it might not seem like a lot, the changes they made were small. Adding one cup of black beans increases fiber by over 15 grams. Two tablespoons of flaxseed meal adds 3.8 grams and Omega3 fatty acid. Putting a tablespoon of chia seeds in your smoothie not only thickens it, it adds 5.5 grams of fiber. Just eat a pear to add another 5.5 grams and you’ll be good for a day.

The more insulin you have the more you’re prone to insulin resistance and that causes belly fat.

Lots of things can cause an increase in insulin and insulin is the fat storage hormone. When you have higher levels of it, it sends a message to your body to store it around the waist—on your belly. That type of fat also tends to produce more insulin so it becomes a vicious circle. Sugar is one of the biggest promoters of insulin and the biggest culprit when it comes to belly fat. That’s why cutting back or eliminating sugar is a huge benefit for controlling belly fat. Fructose is the worst offender of the sugars. It doesn’t trigger the hormone that makes you feel full and stimulates the production of insulin. It’s in everything, so look for it on labels in products like ketchup, salad dressing, boxed mac n’ cheese and even protein bars.

Eat healthy and exercise regularly.

Because abdominal fat occurs from excess pounds, shedding those pounds is the only way to lose it. While you can add to the reduction of the belly fat, losing weight overall is the key. Eating healthy also improves shedding that fat by ensuring you have all the nutrients to help your body work properly. That eliminates some of the stress your body undergoes when it’s malnourished, reducing fat producing cortisol. Omega-3 fatty acids help control blood sugar balance and other vitamins and minerals help improve appetite control and other factors that affect abdominal fat. Increasing your protein has been proven to help shed abdominal fat.

  • Get rid of stress. Whether you exercise hard to burn off the hormones of stress, take yoga training to learn to relax or do both, stress is a killer and produces hormones that contribute to the accumulation of fat around the midsection.
  • Get a good night’s sleep. Studies show that adequate sleep can reduce the potential for abdominal fat.
  • Cut back or eliminate alcohol. It’s all about the sugar and the extra calories.
  • Drink a cup or two of green tea. The catechins in tea help burn belly fat. Try taking a tablespoon or two of natural apple cider vinegar. One study in Japan showed it help burn visceral fat.

You Are Your Best Project

You are your best project for the holidays, especially when you want more energy or just a boost to feel better about yourself. It’s the perfect time to start working out for a number of reasons. The most important is to feel good. Not only does exercise burn off the holiday stress, it also helps stimulate the creation of hormones that can improve your overall mood. You’ll feel refreshed after a day of working out and be ready to tackle the next demand in your busy day. It helps stop the holiday crabbies and stressed out appearance and feeling.

Eating healthy can help you shed pounds and feel great.

There are so many sweets during the holiday season, it’s hard to say no. You don’t have to eliminate them completely and miss out on your favorite items, but remembering portion control can help. If there’s a table full of desserts and they all look delicious, slice a small wedge from those you truly enjoy, rather than a full serving. Find the healthiest ones to eat or bring them yourself. Before you hit the dessert bar, fill up on loads of veggies and salad. Use portion control when taking servings. Use a smaller plate if it’s buffet style, which makes you feel like you’re eating more. Eat slowly and before you head back for seconds, wait ten to fifteen minutes. Visit with others, walk around the room or drink a glass of water. It gives your body a chance to signal to the brain it’s full.

Exercise and eating healthy will have you looking your best.

You’ll not only feel better when you workout, you’ll look better almost immediately. While both healthy eating and regular exercise won’t take off pounds and inches in a day or a week, it will stimulate circulation. That improved circulation will send oxygen and nutrient rich blood to all areas of the body. That includes your skin. Immediately, you’ll have a healthy glow and get rid of the “winter white” that plagues people this time of year. It also can help prevent outbreaks of adult acne. Exercise helps boost collagen production and makes your hair healthier, but those benefits take a little time.

You won’t toss and turn at night.

There’s nothing better for insomnia than regular exercise. Lack of sleep may seem inevitable during the holiday season. There’s so much to do and so little time. You’ll get more done in less time when you have the boost of energy that regular exercise and a good night’s sleep. Not only will you get more done, you’ll look far better while you’re doing it. That drug-out, lack-of-sleep look won’t be yours when you make yourself your own project.

  • Holiday times can bring an overwhelming rush of depression in some people. Exercise can help you avoid it and leave you feeling great from the rush of hormones after a workout.
  • You’ll have a better self-image immediately when you start a fitness program, without even seeing results. Feeling good about yourself is important.
  • Everything will work better on your body. Your elimination process improves, which helps you feel and look better.
  • There’s no better time to start a workout program than NOW! Don’t put it off and wait for after the holidays. It will help make the season better, so get started now while you’re motivated.

Get Rid Of Stubborn Fat

If you’ve about given up on losing weight and eliminating that roll around your waist, it’s time to find a new strategy. You can get rid of stubborn fat, but it will mean rethinking your previous strategy. Start with healthy eating. Healthy eating isn’t dieting. In fact, dieting may be one of the reasons you’re packing on the pounds. Some people starve themselves for days on end, only to go back to eating normally and regain not only the weight they lost, but also extra pounds. The second time shedding weight is more difficult. That’s because your body now clings to the calories and slows metabolism. Eating healthy means eating more, while getting more nutrients and fewer calories.

Stubborn fat is different from regular fat.

You may work out regularly, but still find that stubborn roll of fat around your middle that simply won’t disappear. That’s because the fat burns slower. If your body is going to burn fat, it needs biochemicals called catecholamines. These biochemicals are created and released to the blood where they latch on to the receptors in the fat cells. That sets in motion the process of releasing the energy stored in the cells. Cells have two type of receptors for the catecholamines to attach. One is the alpha-receptor and the other the beta-receptor. Stubborn fat has alpha-receptors that slow the breakdown of fat, while fat that comes off quickly has beta-receptors.

Train in a fasted state.

People who workout the first thing in the morning, while their body is in a fasting state, tend to get more results than people who workout after they’ve eaten. That’s because the fasted state means you’ve burned off the calories of the previous meal and it’s time to burn the fat stores. It also means that your fasted state, the blood flow to the abdomen—one place where stubborn fat often lingers—is greater. That helps to burn those fat cells quicker. Of course, you still have to eat healthy, which includes eating fewer calories than you burn.

Include adequate protein in your diet when you’re trying to lose that stubborn fat.

There’s a number of reasons extra protein helps burn the fat and also should be boosted in your effort to lose those stubborn fat cells. Extra protein helps prevent losing muscle tissue. That’s important. Muscle tissue requires more calories for maintenance than fat tissue does, so the more you have, the higher your metabolism. That increases your energy expenditure, while also helping you repair muscles after a workout and recover. It also keeps you fuller longer.

  • Strength—resistence—training helps burn calories fast and can help you shed pounds quicker. It builds or preserves muscle tissue and burns fat cells.
  • High Intensity Interval Training also burns calories and is especially good for fat loss when combined with a healthy diet.
  • Drink a cup of coffee before you workout. Caffeine not only boosts your performance, it speeds the process of burning fat.
  • If your stubborn fat is abdominal fat, eliminate stress. Cortisol, one of the hormones, is associated with the creation of abdominal fat. Of course, living a stress free life may be impossible, so burning off the hormones created by stress is the next best thing to do.