How to Properly do Bodyweight Squats

The next video in our new education series called NLF TV!

We have trainer Darren Irving again demonstrating how to properly do a bodyweight squat.

Darren shows the different mistakes commonly seen by his clients when first learning how to do the squat. It’s important to have a good foundation with the squat or else poor form could lead to future injuries when doing this exercise with weight.

Check out the video to learn the important aspects of the bodyweight squat, what a great form squat looks like, and the potential mistakes to avoid.

How to Do Your First Pushup

The first video in our new education series called NLF TV!

In the first episode of NLF TV, our personal trainer, Darren Irving, will be demonstrating two exercises to master in order to be able to do your first pushup.

Darren uses these two pushup progressions to help his clients do his first pushups. Once you can do the two progression exercises, you will be able to do your first pushup no problem (okay maybe with a little sweat).

This foundation should provide you with the ability to do multiple repetitions of pushups and then move on to more difficult pushup exercises.