Back To School Health

Back to school health starts with getting everyone back on the school schedule for sleeping, waking and meals. It’s insuring that all immunizations are all up-to-date and if physicals are necessary, they’re completed. It means the active times of summer are finished and it’s time to sit focused in the classroom. Whether you’re a working […]

Reasons To Workout Even When You’re Older

Too often people nearing or past retirement give up on staying fit, or never bothered to attempt it in the first place. They don’t realize that you need to workout even when you’re older or that it’s never too late to begin. The body is a beautiful machine that, unlike other types of machines, heals […]

Is There Such A Thing As Healthy Slimming Fat?

You’ll often read about a single discovery that suddenly makes everyone switch to the next super food or condemn a specific food. Fat is one of that received the most condemnation. Everyone suddenly got on the “eliminate fat train” and forgot that healthy slimming fat is part of the group. In order to understand the […]

Always be your best

Whether you do charity work, love to garden, redecorate your home or use your time to help your family, there is something far more important. That’s taking care of your health. Your best project will always be you, or at least it should be. Too many people put aside fitness, because they feel they’re being […]

So Called Healthy Foods To Avoid

If you’re trying to eat healthy by choosing foods that look like they’re beneficial, you may be in for a big surprise. There are foods that do have health benefits, but when they’re processed they disappear. Not only that, processed foods often have other ingredients added, which often include chemical preservatives to extend their shelf […]

Exercises You Can Do At The Office

There are many reasons to find exercises you can do at the office,, however, replacing a program of regular exercise is not one of them. Breaking the monotony of the day, getting your blood circulating to think clearer and preventing aches and pains that come from sitting in the same position too long are three […]

Find A Motivational Book

Losing weight and getting into shape can be easier if you find a motivational book to provide words of wisdom to feed your mind. Let’s face it, losing weight is like any other challenge in life. You need a goal, a plan to get their and the motivation to follow those steps daily. Tony Robbins, […]

Favorite Cheat Meal

I have my own personal favorite cheat meal that I allow myself to indulge in periodically. I know it’s not what I recommend others to eat, but it is one I love and look forward to eating when I want a lift or just the taste of this food. For years, high calorie junk food […]

Best Vitamins For Weight Loss

Good nutrition and a well rounded, healthy diet is the top priority for weight loss, but there are vitamins for weight loss that can help get you into shape faster, particularly if you’re lacking them. B-complex vitamins, for example aid in metabolizing proteins, carbohydrates and fat. B12 helps prevent anemia that can slow the metabolic […]