Top 10 Protein-Packed Foods to Punch Out the Pudge!

High protein diets are ever-so-popular in our culture. It’s not just a trend, however. Eating foods high in lean proteins and low in carbohydrates has been proven to help dieters to lose weight and shed body fat. However, not all protein sources will give you the best results. This is is a list I’ve compiled […]

Don’t Fear Fast Food!

Not all fast food joints offer only unhealthy meal options. Take a look at the following places we at Next Level Fitness enjoy eating without sacrificing our nutrition. Chipotle: Create your own Chicken Bowl with black beans, chicken (double up on chicken if you are feeling extra hungry, but it is an extra cost), pico […]

Protein Bars VS Protein Shakes

Protein is an important part of your body and helps to build as well as repair tissue. It is a so called ‘macronutrient’ meaning your body needs a larger amount than some other nutrients. When looking for a meal replacement or a protein rich snack to supplement your workout, what is better, a bar or […]